What is Big Game?


Big Game is a paintball game in a very big scenario game... A scenario game is a pre-planned game with different roles and missions for individual players and separate teams. Multiple teams with their own team leaders, sector leaders and a general form one big party on the game area. The parties are playing against each other or, for example, two parties together against one party. The game is won by collecting as many points as possible for the party - the goal of the game is, of course, to win! The game is being developed further every year so the game will be different every year.


You can come alone to the game or with a friend or with a group of friends. Every team and the whole party has scarfs, colored red, green or yellow, as a team-tag provided by the Big Game organizer. The scarf helps you to know who´s on your side in the game. The scarf must be in your head so that it can be seen from every direction, 360 degrees, at all times. You can also have your own group identifiers within your bigger party so you can recognize your team mates/friends in the field. These identifiers can be, for example, shirts with text etc. Game rounds are about 1,5 hours long. When you get hit you go back to the reception to wait for a new takeoff. In the middle of the day there is a lunch brake. You can buy something to eat and drink from the area or you can bring your own food.


Big Game is the biggest paintball scenario game in the Scandinavia. It´s held in August every year at Jämsä in the Middle-Finland. There have been nearly 500 participants in the game every year. Everybody gets to experience a bigger and better game with special effects during the whole day event. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner - the teams and parties have leaders who guide you during the event. If you feel uncertain, you can take a specific role to play such as an antitank-player or a medic. Within the role you always know what to do. For example, the best medic who has healed most hits on the field and recovered most green ribbons is awarded. The game area is almost a square kilometer large and it includes fields, forests, roads and pre-built game areas.

(Usually here is going to be an accommodation offer by HimosHoliday before the game...)


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