One party (red, green and/or yellow) can bring five shields to the game. Shield's restrictions are:

  • Shield must not be bigger than 2 square meters.
  • Sharp edges in the shield are not allowed. Shield is not allowed to be attached to another shield.
  • Shield must be as close to a straight plane as possible. Maximum depth or curve of the shield is 30 centimeters.
  • Shield must be light enough to be carried by only one person. However, multiple players are allowed to take cover behind the shield.
  • Shields must not have loopholes - players are NOT allowed to shoot through the shield.
  • You are free to choose the materials for the shield. The shield can be partly or entirely transparent.
  • If you plan to bring your own shield with you, you need to book a place for your shield from the organizer before the game. The shields will be inspected by the main judge Jorma Vettenterä before the game starts.
  • You must mark your shield with your team color. You cannot use the enemy shields on the game!
  • Other shields must not be used in the game. For example plywood pieces from the game area or shields from the previous Big Games are not allowed to be used.
  • Eliminated player is allowed to take his or her shield away from the field!

About the paintballs in the game

The paintballs used in the Big Game must be purchased from Sissos paintball. You can buy the balls at the game area in the gameday or beforehand while making your registration at The colour of the balls is changing every year, there is only one colour in use. Different coloured paintballs are not regarded to be hits. Tis kinds of hits (made with the wrong colour) can be discarded by the judges, because they are not counted to be hits. This rule has been from the very beginning, as long as there has been Big games, but we wanted to highlight this matter here.