Before the game...

  • Register to the game. To get in the same team with your friends you all have to select the same team name as your team.
  • Read the rules. The English version of the rules are usually ready about a week or two before the game. The game changes every year so the map and rules of the game have to be updated accordingly.
  • Player roles are: regular player, medic, antitank-player, team leader and sector leader. When you register to the game, you must inform us if you are interested in these roles.
  • The teams are assembled after the registeration has ended. At this point we make the final teams. Find out what team you play in.
  • Remember to dress up to the game according to the weather. Remember to take some change clothes with you.
  • You need money during the game day for the cafeteria, balls, and if you want to buy something from Paintball Sissos.
  • Remember to read the rules and look at the timetable. You are welcome to visit the game area a day before or early on the game day, before the game starts.
  • Remember to take lot of water with you if it´s a hot day - usually it is! You can also buy water from the cafeteria.
  • There is free parking close to the game area.
  • Before the game at the game area: Sign up at the signing up spot. It´s in the tall, red building. Remember to pay your participation before the game. Our accounting firm checks the payments. You need to have the reference number of your payment or the ticket to the game with you.
  • Take time to change your clothes, fill your gun, check your gun's fps (under 300 fps) at the check point, fetch your paintballs and just check out where you are in general...
  • Wait for the game to start. Anssi explains the rules again right before the game. Usually he does this in Finnish, sorry. But just read the rules carefully before the game. You'll notice that the game starts when you hear the explosion...

About the paintballs in the game

The paintballs used in the Big Game must be purchased from Sissos paintball. You can buy the balls at the game area in the gameday or beforehand while making your registration at The colour of the balls is changing every year, there is only one colour in use. Different coloured paintballs are not regarded to be hits. Tis kinds of hits (made with the wrong colour) can be discarded by the judges, because they are not counted to be hits. This rule has been from the very beginning, as long as there has been Big games, but we wanted to highlight this matter here.